My Favorite Cleansing Products with Antipodes, Madara, Lush & The Body Shop

Hi everyone! Today i wanted to share with you my favorite cleansing products at the moment, because as we all know, a pretty skin is a clean skin! I have a dry and very sensitive skin prone to eczema, but also have quite visible pores and black heads on my nose so even though i need a very gentle cleansing routine, i also need to have a little deeper on for my pores. For my skin i tend to choose products that have a good formulation as i live in a large city with lots of pollution, i don’t need my skin to be more damaged by harsh petrochemicals. All these products i’ve used for several months now and i know that they perform wonder for me so this is only my personal experience and opinion, but if you have dry and sensitive skin like me, i promise you you can give these a go if you’re interested, you won’t get in trouble!

Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator by Antipodes 

I use this very gentle exfoliator in the morning every now and then when i need to smooth out my skin a little bit, especially when i feel like my pores are in need of a deeper cleaning. It’s very delicate because you only have tiny scrubbing particules (that you can barely feel actually) but it makes my skin so smooth and soft that i know it does the job and i definitely feel like it’s helping my pores to clear out.

Sugar Plum Fairy Lipscrub by Lush

Now that is also something i don’t use every single day, but just when i need to help my lips get rid of dry flakes like especially after using drying lipstick for several days in a row. The scent is simply to die for and if you enjoy sweet and fruity scents, this one is 100% for you! I believe it was a Christmas edition but they have a large choice of different scent to choose from so i’m sure everyone will find something that they like!

The Silky Cleansing Oil with Camomile by The Body Shop

I’ve been addicted to this oil for the past 9 months, which is actually how long my first bottle lasted me, can you believe it?! 9 months for a product i paid 15€ for! Un-believable! All i can say is that it removed every little bit of makeup like a dream (even waterproof!), it feels so light and gentle on the skin, doesn’t smell much of anything, doesn’t irritates my eyes and is super easy to rince off. I love it and i feel like it’s going to be hard for me to try new cleansing oils after this one because it’s so gosh darn good and how can you compete with that price tag?! The only i wish is that the formulation would be a tiny bit better, but The Body Shop is not and organic or natural brand at all and they don’t claim to be. They are cruelty free though so i can make my peace with the not-so-good formulation and i’m still gonna make it my mission to find an equivalent that is a bit more natural and/or organic, i’ll keep you posted of course!

The Purifying Foam by Madara

Last but definitely not least, this is my daily second cleanse that i always use after taking off my makeup with the cleansing oil. Technically my dry skin wouldn’t need that double cleanse, if only i had the pores that matches my skin type, which i don’t unfortunately! This foam definitely helps keep my pores super clean, i actually noticed an improvement of my black heads situation, and i never ever have any blemish thanks to this gem. More importantly though, as it appears logical that a foaming cleanser would be a bit “agressive” for dry and sensitive skin, this one actually soothes mine quite a bit! The rare times that i use a cleansing water to remove my makeup (like about twice a month) my skin immediately burns and when i use this foam right after, it calms it instantly! Magical i tell you! I’m getting at the end of my second bottle and i want to try different cleansing foam just to see if they perform the same on my skin, or if it’s just this one, i’ll let you know for sure!

How about you guys, what are your favorite cleansing products, especially in the winter? Let me know, i love trying new things and i wanna know what you like!

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