In My February Makeup Bag

A little round up of what is on my face almost every day this month, so far!

The Super BB #Insta Ready from Physician’s Formula || I love having a nice glowy and healthy look but definitely nothing high coverage so i’m willing to try every BB cream there is out there! This one was so nicely rated on iHerb and the brand is so affordable that i decided to give it a go and don’t regret it for a second! It gives a light coverage, evens out the skin beautifully, doesn’t grab on dry patches, lasts all day long without creasing or patching and the finish is silky, neither matte or dewy, i’m just loving it!

Youthful Wear Illuminating Finish Powder from Physician’s Formula || Even though i don’t get oily during the day (especially in winter) i do like to powder my t-zone to set my makeup so i was looking for a finishing powder that would give me some light and a little bit of glow. This one is just perfection, it’s translucide so doesn’t add any color but definitely does illuminate my skin, especially under the eyes on top of my concealer… I usually apply it with this Real Technique brush, it’s a really great quality, very soft and fluffy, love it!

Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer from Urban Decay || Unfortunately that concealer doesn’t really work for me… I’m sad because i had high expectation for it! I have a very dry skin especially under the eyes but i have really bad dark circle (since i was 20, so it’s basically genetic and i could sleep 12 hours a night every night, it wouldn’t make any difference). The full coverage part is 100% true but this concealer dries my skin so bad that it literally looks like chicken skin 10 minutes after applying it, no matter how hydrated my skin is underneath. It’s a wonderful product but sadly not for me… I’ll keep using it because i paid it full price and it’s not cheap (around 24€) but i have to had a drop of oil to make it wearable for me.

Nude Wear Glowing Nude Blush from Physician’s Formula || As you can see i’m trying out a few different products from PF, and so far i’m really happy about every product, this blush included! I have the shade Natural and it’s very light and pretty for my skin tone. I basically grab every shade together with a big brush and end up with a very light and luminous pink shade that is so so pretty! It blends beautiful and is very nicely pigmented. Another win for PF!Brow Specialist from H&M Beauty || Nothing much to say about this eyebrow pencil, the color (i use Caramel Brown) is perfect to match with my hair, the formula is really nice, smooth and creamy, it glides really nice on the skin and the only bad thing i have to say about it, is that because of the creamy texture, you have to sharpen it quite often (about once a week) so it doesn’t lasts very long. BUT hey, it only costs 3,99€ so… can’t really complain right?!

Lash Alert Natural Mascara from Lily Lolo

This mascara is everything i look for in a mascara basically. I have long lashes to begin with but this mascara helps separate them, giving them volume, holds the curve all day long and doesn’t crumble one bit. It’s long wearing but also very easy to remove (i use oil to take off my makeup and it works great) and even though i have very sensitive eyes, it doesn’t irritate them at all. Again, i’m repeating myself today but it’s PER-FE-CTION! What else can i though, it’s the truth!

Lower Lash Mascara from Pixi Beauty

I also have very long bottom lashes and i really need a tiny tiny brush to just add a bit of definition to the root of my lower lash line, this one is amazing for that, do you see the size of that brush?! It’s ridiculously cute! The formula is also awesome, no crumble, doesn’t smudge on my concealer, it’s just great and does everything you expect from such a cute little tool!

Love In Florence Eye Shadow Palette from NYX || This product is kind of a fail for me actually. I do wear it because i love the shades (and i bought is so… no waste!) but all in all, it’s not a good palette in my opinion. The colors are beautiful but aside from the black and the grey/blue shade, they’re not pigmented enough (i was most attracted to that apricot shimmery shade and it’s not pigmented at all! Such a bummer!), very chalky and quite patchy when you go to blend them on the lid. It’s sadly a fail for me…Vice Comfort Matte Lipstick from Urban Decay, shade Afterdark || I was eyeing that lipstick for about 3 month and when i finally got it, i was thrilled! The color is just gorgeous, exactly the kind of deep purple shade that i love and that i think suit me, the formula is fantastic because it’s quite a matte finish but it feels very comfortable and creamy, that is so weird and so well done! I’m tempted by many other shades (they have so many!) but i think this one is the most special for me.

Cream Lipstick from H&M, shade Sienna Piazza || H&M did such a great job with their lipstick, the texture is creamy as hell (which i love!) and the colors are beautiful and very pigmented. Not much to say about that product except that it’s the only lipstick that lives and y handbag because it’s my go-to everyday and i can’t risk not to have it on hand!

And that’s all for today friends, hope you liked this first little round up of what i’ve been using the most these past couple of weeks, let me know if you have used any of these products and what you thought of it of course! xo




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