How I try to be more productive everyday

Being really productive is something i’ve been learning intensely recently. As i currently juggle with several big projects in my life (getting a degree and reorienting my professional life towards animal rights, so excited!) i realized that even though i’m a super organized-type A kinda person, i’m not the most productive when it comes to working alone and from home.  I do enjoy working from home for many different aspects so i’ve recently been taking a bit of time to rethink my way to do things and figuring out how to be more productive everyday by working better and not necessarily harder. Here are a few things that i find very helpful for me and hopefully maybe they’ll be helpful for some of you as well


I want to start by stating the obvious and most important thing, you have to find a way to make things work for YOU. We are all different and we all do things differently which is okay, for exemple, my man likes to listen to music when he works, i can’t it distracts me too much. But i love listening to people talk, like i love listening to radio shows while i’m working, and he can’t stand it. We both do things our own way and that’s perfectly fine, so taking a small amount of time to think about what’s keeping you from being at your most productive self is essential and should be the first thing on your to-do list!


Now that’s my thing right there! Like i said i’m a type A kinda person and getting organized and writing down lists is something that not only helps me work better, but actually gives me great satisfaction! I’m not sure how to explain this but when i have a to-do list in front of me, i’m extra motivated to cross off tasks one after the other and i’m less tempted to be scattered and do too many things at the same time.


One of the things that i’ve always been proud of is my ability to do many things at the same time (and do them right of course, otherwise it doesn’t count!). The problem i’ve encounter recently is that because i’m working on very different projects, trying to do things at the same time on different subjects, isn’t really working. Working on my degree and stopping for just 5 minutes to answer an email about something else, completely ruins my concentration and i actually waste time getting back on track. The solution for me is to plan my working day/week…


Planning has never really been my strong area when it comes to work. I usually go with the flow and always managed to mentally keep track of what i have to do. But because of all the recent juggle, i’ve decided to seriously plan, if not my day, at least my week of work. Trying to do a bit of everything in one day like i used to, isn’t as effective as dedicating an entire day to one project and being entirely focused on it for a good amount of hours. I tend to work by splitting the day in half like blog work in the morning and working on my degree in the afternoon, that usually works quite well for me so far.


I know first hand how frustrated it can be to feel as if you’ve waisted your day when you didn’t get to the end of your to-do list for example. For a long time that kinda feeling actually turned into anxiety for me and i’ve been working really hard lately to be much kinder and understanding with myself… It’s okay to have bad days, to feel a bit down, less motivated, even just tired or lazy. When that happens, i try my best to let it go, because nobody is going to die! I personally don’t save lives for a living (not yet at least!) so it’s kinda okay if i’m not 100% on top of things for a day or two! Be gentle on yourself and if you’re a bit like me, you’ll enjoy be more productive the next day.


I think that’s all i wanted to share with you today friends, i’m not going to advise you to lock yourself in a room or stay away from the TV or your distracting pets (if you follow me on Instagram, you know what i’m talking about!) or anything like that, because it’s not what works for me and since i’m not a “specialist”, i’m just sharing MY experience with you. I hope these tips can help some of you find YOUR way to do things and if you have any question or any comment at all, well, you know where to go right?! 😉

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