The Little Things I Like to do to Relax

We all know how important it is to relax properly and frequently. However it’s something i personally find quite hard to do these days. I have so many things i want to accomplish in such a short time that even when i should be relaxing, i don’t really because i at least, think about work/blog/project stuff. To try and correct that, i recently created myself a little relaxing routine that works quite well for me so i really hope it’ll inspire you to try some of my tips or even better, to find your own way to unwind and relax whenever needed…

DISCONNECT || It’s obviously the only way to be able to properly relax these days: getting away from the computer, cellphones, tablettes and so on. To avoid temptation i usually put them all in a different room actually. It almost goes without saying that this isn’t the easiest part of my personal routine, i’m not the biggest addict in the world but i do love to check my phone very often even if it’s just to look at 5 or 6 photos on Instagram for about 12 secondes. The problem with that is that it constantly distracts you from whatever it is you’re doing and therefor it takes on a lot of energy to shift focus like this and so frequently. If you have to take only one of these tips, this is the one, just by itself, disconnecting is relaxing, trust me on that!

TAKE CARE OF YOU || The one thing that gets me in a relax and comfortable state of mind, is to take a bath and choose a face mask. I do find a bath incredibly relaxing and no matter what i do in it, read, watch videos or listen to music, i feel good and soothed in that hot water! Most of the time i’ll use a bath bomb from Lush and i mainly choose hydrating facemask when i’m in the bath (my favorite of all times is this one that i reviewed in this previous post). More often than not i’ll also do a hair mask (although i don’t really need to anymore since i cut my hair quite short!) and basically do all the things that make me feel good in my skin and body.

READ || After bath time it’s usually the time i choose to grab my current book and read a few pages or chapters. I do try to make more time in my daily routine to read more, and these unwinding moments are the best ones for me as i feel fully available to jump into a story and get sucked in.

PLAY WITH MY CATS || Usually Rocket gets super excited whenever i run a bath because he adores water so if he only sees me grab one of the toys, he’ll go nuts right away and will run around in all the apartment! That’s actually when Yoda will get interested because when Rocket runs after his toys, Yoda will run after him!

COOK OR ORDER DINNER || I love cooking and i’m actually one of those people that loves to cook to de stresse and relax. But depending on my motivation (and often on what’s available in the kitchen!) i’ll either cook or order delivery. We usually go for sushi (while we’re not 100% vegetarian we still enjoy that!) or Indian food. Whether i cook or order, when i try to relax i like to choose food that symbolize comfort for me, it’s important to keep every part of your day/evening in a relaxation mood.

WATCH A MOVIE OR A TV SHOW || Here as well i always try to choose something that’s not scary or that has too much suspense or anything like that. These days my favorite tv shows for that kind of evening are The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow or Scandal. I’ll often munch on some pop corn and end the evening with a cheeky little infusion (maybe even a chamomile ’cause i’m wild like that!).


All in all, i think the most important thing you can do to relax is to actually take care and treat yourself. Nothing revolutionary of anything, just little things and moments that make you feel good, happy and comfy! That’s what works for me anyway! Do let me know what you do to relax and unwind, i’d love to know your own habits, let’s share! In the meantime, have a lovely weekend everyone!


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  • Reply Manon

    It’s so funny. I have published the same kind of post. It’s so interesting.

    Manon ♥ –

    March 17, 2017 at 16:13
  • Reply Katherine

    Disconnecting always relaxes me, thanks for sharing this!

    March 18, 2017 at 21:32
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