My Goals this Spring

Here are a few things that i would like to do this season and goals i want to achieve:

CONNECT MORE WITH NATURE || I’m actually starting with a difficult one as i live in a big city, but i’m really making it my mission to find more time and occasions to be in connection with nature. Plus it’ll help me wait until we can move to the countryside one day (my biggest dream!) and probably helps with my anxiety.

BLOG A LOT || I’m in a huge inspiration frenzy these days so i really want to take full advantage of that mood and create content that i enjoy and i’m proud and happy to share with you!

FINISH SORTING OUT MY STUFF || I’ve been really good at sorting out and getting ride of a lot of things this past year, but since my mum tends to give me a looot of clothes, i always need to sort things out in that area! Everything i own is in perfect condition so i’ll try to sell some pieces online (i already do it on Vinted here, but i’m also setting up a Tictail shop, coming soon!) and donate others.

TAKE MORE WALKS OUTSIDE || Now that the weather allows it, my love and i really enjoy walking around our neighborhood when we need a little break from work or at the end of the day to unwind and get ready for a relaxing evening…

TRY LOTS OF VEGAN RECIPES || I discovered Olivia’s channel a little while back and now that i’ve became addicted to several of her recipes, i definitely need to try them all! Trust me you need to try the vegan waffles from this video and well, every recipe from this video! In fact i might make the burgers once again tonight! #TGIF

ADD ARTS TO OUR HOME || There are two empty walls in our home that drive me a bit crazy so i want to find some black & white photos and art pieces to put up there. I’ve my eye on this one for a while and just had a major crush on this one!

EAT MORE ICE CREAM || Hummm, because it’s delicious and it’s Spring and i have to?! Plus my local shop now has a vegan chocolate one that is to die for!

GO TO BED EARLIER || Once again i’m stuck at a rythme that i’m not confortable with, i go to bed to late, wake up of course to late and it takes me way too long to be properly awake and ready to work every morning so i really need to get back to the sleeping schedule that worked much better for me last month.

STAY MOTIVATED || I finally know what my deadline is to get my degree so i have to get an organization in place for the next few month to stay as productive as i’ve been this past few months. For those who wonder, i’m doing a validation of prior experience, so i don’t have to go back to school to get my degree but i have several months to prepare a file of all my work experience, and meet a jury and get my degree!


What about you friends, what are you plans this season? Any getaway or special project?


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  • Reply La Caleya

    Love this list!!! thanks for sharing 🙂

    April 7, 2017 at 20:06
  • Reply Laurali Star

    This is really inspiring. Love that you want to try more vegan recipes. I’ve noticed this past year that I’ve been trying to create more and more vegan recipes or at least adapt some of the ones I already know. Connecting with nature is definitely a go to essential!

    ~Laurali Star

    April 21, 2017 at 15:36
    • Reply Melodie

      Thank you Laurali! I do that too, trying to adapt my favorite recipes to make them vegan, it’s fun to think about different options etc.

      April 21, 2017 at 15:41

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