Thoughts on the importance to do what you love…

I’ve been meaning to share some more personal thoughts with you these past few weeks and one of the few things i’d like to share the most right now, is the importance to do what you love, which is basically my only motto this year…

I know it’s obvious that if you ask people, most will tell you that given the choice they’d rather spend their days doing stuff they really love and for most of them they’ll even choose to make less money in exchange for doing something they’re passionate about. Today i’m 100% in that category but for the longest time though, i wasn’t ready to make that kind of choice because i felt like i HAD to do something that would either “guarantee” me a certain amount of money each year or give me a certain feeling of “security” that i wouldn’t be left with nothing from one day to the next.

Sadly these days the world being how it is there isn’t much left of that guarantee and feeling of security so i personally decided that if i was going to struggle professionally, i might as well do it for something i really like. That way i know that even when things get hard or frustrating, i’ll always have in mind why i’m doing what i do and that it’s not just because “i have to”.

Honestly my biggest motivation this year is to stop saying “i have to” but instead say i want to… I know some might say that no matter what you do in life you always HAVE to do stuff, which is true but if you know why you do it and the ultimate goal behind that annoying task, you’ll never get demotivated i think…


“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” Ella Fitzgerald


I also turned 30 last november and started thinking about when we’ll have kids, what i would want to teach them and what kind of exemple i’d like to be for them… I know the kind of person i become when i’m not happy and when i do things that i’m not proud of so i need to find a way not to be that person around my children. I want them to be able to see their parents go to work everyday with a smile on their face or at least with the knowledge that what they’re doing makes them proud and happy most of the time. I know i’m kind of an idealist there but i’ve been rejecting that side of my personality for so long that now i want to embrace it and see what happens! 😉

Anyway, i know it’s a lot of ramble for not exactly deep thoughts here, but since i’ve been mentioning quite a few times all the changes in my life and new projects i have this year, i felt like i really wanted to share a bit more about that with you…

Do let me know in the comments if you’d like to hear more about my projects here on the blog because that’s definitely a topic i’ll be so happy to share with you and maybe we could inspire and motivate each other to all pursue our dreams from now on!

I love you lots and i wish you a wonderful Friday friends!

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