How i downsized my library | Quick, easy and no regrets!

The other day i talked about why i decided to borrow books from the library instead of buying them. As i mentioned in that post when my love moved in almost 2 years ago i had to make room for him and his gigantic amount of stuff!  I realized that besides my wardrobe, one of the most unused/dust collecting items in my home were the bookshelves. After a quick assessment of the situation, i figured i had to do something because some of these books had never been open and some will never be again so… i made piles!

  • Books that i’ve read and want to keep (to read them again or because they hold particular meaning)
  • Books that i’ve read and want to pass along (that i loved but won’t read again or didn’t really like that much)
  • Books that i haven’t read yet but want to eventually
  • Books that i haven’t read yet and don’t really want to anymore

So i made this 4 piles, hesitate a bit, took breaks to think, re-read a few lines of some books, but in the end i made strict choices because let’s be honest, there is always going to be a new exciting story to read and not enough time to re-read everything i already have. Better to pass them along, share and make room for new things or new people in your life! 😉


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