My Goals this Summer

I know it’s not officially Summer yet but since the weather is pretty much there already, it’s okay right? This year i want to make sure i enjoy it as much as possible and starting a bit sooner is a good way to do that! So here is the list of all the things that i would like to do this season and the goals i want to achieve by the end of it…  

MAKE THE MOST OF THE DAYLIGHT || I tend to be super frustrated during Winter because the sun isn’t out enough and it’s very dark most of the time. Summer is the perfect season for me to enjoy lots of daylight and i know how important it is for my mood and energy so i’m planning to really make the most of each day…

WAKE UP EARLIER || … and it starts with that! I’m a night owl most of the time but in summer when the days are so long, i hate waking up past 9:00 (which is most days right now) because i feel like i’m missing out on a lot… Especially since it takes me a solid hour to be fully awake! So my goal here is to wake up no later than 8:00 during the week and no later than 10:00 in the weekend. We shall see how that goes!

BLOG EVERY DAY || I’m still very inspired and motivated these days so as long as it lasts, i’ll try to keep up with my posting schedule of these past 2 weeks, which is one post per day. I also may explore some new topics that i have in mind, and i’d love for my readers, you, to engage a bit more and share more… I want this space to become a nice little community so if you have any suggestion on what you’d like me to talk about, please, do let me know in the comments or by writing me a little email through my contact page, i answer every single email i receive, it’s a gift i have!

FILL MY HOME WITH FLOWERS || As you may have seen, i’ve become a little bit addicted to Bergamotte flower delivery service (i talked about it here and here) and even though i can’t afford a weekly bouquet from them every month, i’m totally planning on saving up to get a least 2 per month. I’m so much happier when my home smells of fresh flowers, i don’t know why but it has such a huge effect on me and my general happiness!

FINALLY BECOME VEGAN || It’s been a long journey for me i’m not gonna lie. But as i’m finally getting to a more confortable place (i’ll share my experience with you in a dedicated post this month i promise!) and getting use to new habits, i really want to take the very last step and become 100% vegan, no more stumbling. Let’s stay strong!

KEEP MY ANXIETY UNDER CONTROL || Because i have amazing plans and projects this year, i’m very motivated and quite happy in general. But i also often get anxious and i really need to work on finding a way to get out of that state of mind faster so that i won’t waste to much time and then get anxious because of it, and so on and so on…

TAKE A LEAST ONE PHOTO A DAY OF MY CATS || One of my projects regarding animal advocacy involves photography (again, i’ll share more on that when the time comes 😉 ) so i’m planning to do sort of a 365 challenge but only with photos of my cats! I already do it with my phone because you know, i’m that kind of cat mama, but i want to do it more “professionally” to practice my photography skills. I’ll be sure to share all of the photo on my babies new Instagram account: @yoroandco 

TAKE A VACATION || We’re actually going to see Davy’s family in the south at the end of the month, so i already know i can cross that one off! Can’t wait to finally get out of Paris, can’t stand the pollution here i need a bit a fresh air even just for a week!

What about you friends, what are your goals and plans for this beautiful season?

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