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While Summer is the perfect season to change your eating habits (check out yesterday’s post to see what i’m talking about), it’s also time to change your beauty routine a little bit! Here are 3 of the products i just started using and a little first impression on each of them…  

Facial Radiance Pads | First Aid Beauty

First off i want to point out an important fact about the brand FAB: They can no longer guarantee to be a cruelty free brand. They recently made a change in their policy so if you want to learn about that, i’ll refer you to that article from Cruelty Free Kitty (aka my bible!). Unfortunately i bought that product along with a few other from that brand, (damn it!) just a few weeks prior that news so i was really disappointed but since i paid money for it and could no longer send it back, i’m going to have to keep using it… These little pads promise to leave the skin bright and glowing, and is supposed to be safe for sensitive skin. I can actually vouch for that so far because my skin is super extra sensitive and has been totally okay since i started using this product. So far i can’t really say that i’m seing much of a difference on the appearance of my skin, maybe i haven’t used it long enough or maybe i’m just so tired that i can’t see any improvement ’cause all i can see are the giant bags under my eyes! I’m definitely going to use the whole thing and report on that later if you’re interested!

Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream | REN

So in my latest beauty routine post i talked about another day cream from REN that i started using for Spring and that actually worked quite nicely for my skin type so i decided to try another one that would be more appropriate for the Summer and i choose this one! Again it’s supposed to be great for sensitive skin and protects against free radicals and environmental aggression, which i definitely need since i live in a big polluted city! So far i feel like it might not be hydrating enough for my skin type in the long run, but i think i need to use it for a bit longer to see if it gets better after a certain time of use. Also, the scent of it is just divine!

Quinoa Sensitive Super Gentle Face Wash | Pacifica

For about a year now i’ve been using religiously a foaming cleanser (a very gentle one of course) as a second cleanse after my makeup removing oil. It’s a routine i really like because even though i have a sensitive and dry skin, i can feel and see when it gets dirty and when my pores get clogged. I really enjoy this product so far because it does a great job at leaving my skin super clean and only foams a tiny little bit so i do feel like it’s even more gentle on my skin. The one complain i have at this point is that it’s very liquide and get easily in your eyes and it burns like hell! I need to be more careful i guess but other than that, i’m very happy with it!

What about you friends, anything new in your beauty routine? Let me know in the comments if you have something to recommend me!


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