Our experience adopting a kitten (and dealing with 2 very different cats)

First off let me just start by saying that even though i wrote the first two post about animals in French (post 1 & 2 are here) i think from now on i’m going to write mostly in English on my blog…  With time i realized that my posts in French don’t have the same engagement and to be honest, i do take more pleasure writing in English and therefor being able to connect with fellow bloggers that i love, and who are mostly from the US, Canada or UK. Also, i know most of my friends and French readers can read English so i feel like it’s quite fair! I really hope you won’t mind and if you prefer, you can always use the translate widget at the bottom of the side menu to use Google Translate!Now for today’s post i really wanted to share with you a bit of my experience as a “new” kitten Mama! Last year when we adopted our baby Rocket, it was the first time that D & I had a kitty so young and it was definitely a challenge! We adopted Yoda when he was about 1,5 years and we rescued a kitten a few years ago but only kept him for 2 weeks before we found him a great forever home, and he truly was the sweetest most gentle and calm kitten ever… Unlike our little monster! I mean we knew a kitten would obviously be more playful and have more energy than our little “grandpa” Yoda, but we didn’t imagine how much more! That cat was born to have this name trust me and here are a few fun anecdotes that i’m sure a lot of kitten parent can relate to:

  • For the first 3 months, his biggest passion in life was to play with my hair so every time he saw just one move he would jump on me and actually hurt me quite a few times! Nothing major because i got good reflexes but i ended up with a few cheek injuries that were fun to explain to people! Haha!
  • We basically said goodbye to good sleep for a few months because that little nugget would wake us up every hour of the night while playing with our feet under the sheets, or meowing and scratching the door if we closed it (which i hated doing because i wanted Yoda to be able to come and go as he usually did).
  • Recently i made the calculation and after a year with us, Rocket has cost us over 450€ of destroyed things… And by that i mean 99% of cords and cables. Not all cats are attracted to them but when they are, they are! We really did our best to hide them, cover them, tape them etc. but he still managed to destroy everything that was left unprotected even just for 20 seconds and sadly is favorites brand was of course Apple… My Macbook and iPhone charger, several earphones, you know, the cheap stuff! (All jokes aside if you see that your kitten is attracted to cords for exemple, you need to be very careful and kitten proof everything the best you can because it could be very dangerous and even deadly for them to get a choc). 

But honestly the biggest worry we had was regarding Yoda and we even felt kind of guilty for bringing Rocket into his life at some point… When we adopted him his foster mum told us that he would have to be around an older cat that would teach him how to behave and give him some “boundaries”. The problem we ended up having, is that Yoda is such a sweetheart that even though he tried to be strict with him, that little nugget would not let go and always ended up having the last word! Unfortunately after 2 weeks, Rocket decided that Yoda was basically his chew toy and to this day, he keeps annoying him whenever he sleeps by chewing on his ears etc. At one point we got a bit worried because they could barely be in the same room without fighting and Yoda didn’t look happy at all. He wouldn’t snuggle with us like he always did, stayed in his spot away from us all and barely fought back when Rocket was being mean to him. We decided to deal with the problem with patience and simply wait for the little monster to grow a bit older, and it actually worked! Yoda slowly became himself again and Rocket did calm down a tiny little bit and is becoming more affectionate every day.

Anyway we love our little monster and no matter how much sleep and money he owes us by now, we are incredibly happy to have him in our lives. But i really wanted to point out the fact that kittens aren’t easy. They’re not just adorable faces and tiny paws, they can literally ruin your home and your nights! You just need to be aware of that and make the decision on whether or not you’re willing to take that risk. I personally would do it every single day because my cats bring me so much joy, happiness and affection that it’s worth every sleepless night, every earphones ruined or trip to the hairdresser! 😉


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  • Reply Irina

    The pictures are so cute! I love your blog:)

    June 23, 2017 at 16:00
  • Reply Chamoise

    Ils sont trop mignons tes amours!
    Belle soirée à eux! Et à toi biens sûr

    June 23, 2017 at 20:46
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