Things i loved this week

This week has been filled with nice discoveries and interesting reads for me so i really wanted to share another “What i did…” kinda post, which i hope you’ll like! 

  • I was doing a bit of research on Minimalism (after watching the oh so good documentary of that name on Netflix, which i definitely recommend you to watch asap) and found this super interesting blog post written by Sophie in which she explain the difference between decluttering and minimalism…
  • I never even dreamt of such a gorgeous room to spend my Summer days… how beautiful!
  • This week i shared a blog post about why i decided to start a shopping ban and i have actually been very inspired by Rebecca’s post on ways to save money when you enjoy shopping. These are truly awesome advices and tips to handle your finances a little better and get rid of a bit of the anxiety that comes with topics like money.
  • You know my engagement for animals and this post on the importance of living cruelty free by Patricia, is simply so important that i’m actually begging you to read it. I guess eating is a different topic but at the very least you should know that you don’t need innocent animals to be tortured and killed in order to wear a pretty lipstick on your mouth…
  • On that note, i’m so happy about The Body Shop campaign #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting that is conducted worldwide! It’s so important that brands engaged in that cause encourage other companies to join in by simply saying “hey if we can do it, so can you”! If you care about animals at all, please sign the petition right here and share as much as possible!
  • I watched yet another documentary on Netflix called Pet Fooled which talks about the pet food industry… and it’s pretty gosh darn scary… i mean… yeah, we might definitely make some changes regarding how we feed our babies really soon.
  • I’ve been on a cooking spree these past 10 days and i’ve tried so many delicious recipes that i’m actually tempted to make a weekly recipe post from now on, would you be interested? Only vegan/delicious/affordable and easy recipes of course! Do let me know because if you want it, i’m happy to do it!
  • I read “We Should All Be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and it really got me inspired to speak out a little more about feminism… i am a feminist and i’m proud of it!
  • I’ve been day and night, dreaming of such a place to spend my holidays… and the rest of my life! Also the heat wave we suffered during the entire week, totally made me even more frustrated to live in such a huge city and a small apartment instead of a gorgeous country house like this one!
  • I absolutely loved and totally related to Mandy’s post “fun things to do when you’re a total homebody”. I am 1000% a homebody, i take pride in making my home the comfiest place there is for me, and i actually take real pleasure in being home and feel happy there. To every homebody out there, you’re not alone and we are awesome and fun people anyways! 😉

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