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Why Summer is the best time to start eating more healthily

Summer has always inspired me in many many ways and this year, it actually inspires me to make serious and long term changes regarding my way of eating. Like i talked about in this post earlier this week, the documentary Food Choices has been a revelation for me and even though i already knew a lot of what’s explained in that movie, i felt like something changed in me while watching it over and over again.  Some things that i already knew started to make more sense to me and maybe it’s just that i’m growing older and therefore a bit wiser (hopefully!) but honestly i felt suddenly more aware and more motivated than ever before to make some important and much needed changes in my life. Starting with food…

You know by now that i’ve been transitioning to veganism for the past year, but it wasn’t even enough at this point. I also have some terrible eating habits that i really want to change in order to have the best, healthiest and longest life as i can! I snack way too much, and mostly junk food like potato chips and coca cola (which has always been my worst addiction after smoking, which i quit several month ago, yeah!). I eat to greasy, to salty, too much sugar etc. To be clear: I love all the wrong things, even though i know they’re wrong.

BUT! That’s when Summer kicks in! For someone like me that has a strong tendency to snack all the time, the best season to enjoy some healthier snacks like fresh fruits and veggies is definitely Summer! My favorite fruits are berries, melons, peaches, plums, nectarines and all the other orchard fruits that you can only get in this season. It’s the one time of the year that i tend to naturally reach for fresh fruits instead of chips and other junk food. So this year, i really want to take full advantage of the whole Summer to correct my wrong habits, get new healthier ones and hopefully, find a way to keep them going throughout fall and winter…

Who’s with me?! If you’re interested in following along with this little healthy journey of mine, please do let me know in the comment so i know you want to see more on that subject!


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