Getting ready for Autumn (and why it’s my favorite season!)

I always get super extra excited about Autumn the second leaves starts falling off of the trees outside. I don’t care about the official date, i just go with nature and when the temperature starts to drop along with the leaves, it’s definitely time to get cosy!  I feel like this season is my absolute favorite for many reasons but the main one is because i’m a chilly gal. All year round in my home, you’ll find me curled up in a big and super soft blanket, no matter the weather. I have some on the couch, the bed, the chairs, everywhere you look in my appartement! I don’t even take them off to get up actually, i roll them around my waist like it’s a long skirt (ask my mum she’s always made fun of me about that!).

Here are a few random things that i truly enjoy and love about Autumn:

  • Dark and crisp mornings
  • Cosy days/nights in
  • Warm and comforting meals
  • Comfy sweaters and soft knitwear
  • Teas, blankets & candles

I also have many little “rituals” to kinda get ready for the whole season and today i wanted to share them with you and maybe even inspire you to get into the Autumn vibe if you’re not already!

Watch my favorite Autumn movies: You Got Mail & Practical Magic. I can watch these two 20 times in a row and the only reason i won’t this year, is because it’ll drive my man insane! I could also add the french movie Partners in Crime which is based on an Agatha Christie novel with two of my favorite actors. There is a crime, a lot of snow, a huge creepy house and a lot of humour, definitely my kind of cosy movie!

Put my seasonal playlist on repeat: My favorite music this season is definitely Jazz. The vibe is just the right one, it’s cosy and inviting to relaxation and the voice of someone like Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald makes me feel so good and happy…

Light up the candles: I don’t use candles at all during Spring and Summer so i usually store them and get them out or their boxes on September first! Because i have two cats i have to be very strict when lighting candles but i’ve found a few high up places to put them to get a nice cosy and warm ambiance.

Change the pillow cases and blankets: I do the same in Spring because i have two “sets” of each. One more colorful for Spring and a more dark and festive for Autumn. Sadly this year the latter needs to be updated as everything got quite old and crappy. But since i don’t want to buy anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, i decided to try and make some DIYs to create my perfect seasonal atmosphere this year! I might share them here if they turn out good, would you be interested?!

Stock up on spices: Autumn and Winter requires all the spices to make the best vegan hot chocolate, mulled wine, gingerbreads, chaï teas etc.

Switch wardrobes: Get those pretty Summer dresses away and ready for next year, and get out all the comfy sweaters and knitwear, warm socks, ankle boots and soft pyjamas!

What about you friends, what do you do to get yourself ready and cosy for the cold season?! Let me know in the comments and let’s inspire one another!


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