Life Update | New goals & hopes

Oh hi friends, long time no see right?! I hope you all had a wonderful Summer and that you enjoyed every bit of what you’ve been up to whatever that was! I personally had a super productive Summer, i took a little bit of time off but it was mostly work that kept me away from the blog for so long!  

At the end of July, i decided to start a cat sitting business and was lucky enough to find a few customers right away, enough to keep my busy all August! That was so motivating and i seriously loved every minute of every day, i mean spending my days with cats? That’s a dream come true to me basically! I even noticed after a few weeks that my anxiety got very much under control and to me it was a revelation. I didn’t know how happy going to work could make me honestly! Now i know that i made the right choice deciding to dedicate my life to animals, that’s where i’m the happiest and the most myself. I still have lots of ideas and projects that i want to work on in the coming months and i’m feeling more motivated and inspired than ever now, knowing how happy i can be when doing something i truly love.

As for my little blog here, i honestly have no idea where i’m going with it or how often i’ll post and about what, but i know that i really missed it and that i truly want to keep on sharing here with you. So stay tuned friends, and let’s find out together what future holds, okay?!


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