My Goals this Autumn

It’s finally here, my favorite season of the year!! For a long time i thought Summer was my fave but i recently realized that Autumn was the only season i was actually craving at some point like around mid Summer, i was already looking forward Autumn and to me it’s a sign! Also i was born in Autumn, i can’t live without a blanket on my lap and i love lighting candles and drinking hot tea when the clock hit 5pm so, i’m living the best life this time of year!  

  • Keep up with my bedtime routine || This Summer i finally found my perfect sleep schedule and for me, going to bed at 23:30 and waking up at 8:00 is definitely what works best. I really want to enjoy the dark and crispy mornings during Autumn and Winter so i think it’ll be perfect for me to keep up with that routine!
  • Blog again|| After such a long break i thought it would be hard to get back to it but i actually feel surprisingly inspired by this season and by all the new topics i’d like to talk to you about. I guess we shall see how that goes but so far, i’m super motivated so let’s cross our fingers shall we?! 😉
  • Establish a budget and stick to it || Like i mentioned in my post about the shopping ban i decided to do (update on that coming soon!) i really need/want to get better at following a budget. I’ll definitely share more on that as well because one of the many things i want to share with you here, is how we can all change the way we consume and buy. Also with Christmas coming, i’m definitely going to have to keep myself under very strict self supervision… Haha!
  • Try new seasonal vegan recipes || Lately i’ve been feeling a little bit frustrated with food. I keep cooking the same dishes over and over again and i’ve kinda grow bored of them. I’m motivated to try lots of new recipes with new ingredients and spices though because after all, it’s going to be my first vegan winter and i’m super excited!
  • Spend more quality time with loved ones || The past year has been a struggle for me because of my anxiety and it was honestly quite hard to enjoy being around anybody really. But now that i’ve been feeling a bit better this past 2 months, i really hope to catch up on all my loved ones and be able to spend more time with family and friends.
  • Read more || As always, i don’t know why that happens, i basically stop reading during Summer every year. But that’s no surprise to me i always work like this and then i spend my entire autumn and winter reading books after books after books. My reading pile is actually getting a bit out of control right now so i need to get started real soon i think!

I think that’s it for me friends, what are your personal goals for this new season? I’d love to know and maybe you could inspire me to add a few things to my list!


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