The little things i like to do on a bad day

Let’s just admit it we all have bad days every now and then. For some it’s more often than others but we all have them. I personally have been through enough of those over the years, to know by now that there are a few things to do to kinda turn them around and make them into a more cheerful/productive/relaxing day… 


First things first, when waking up in a bad/sad mood, i usually avoid coffee and make myself a nice warm cup of my favorite tea. I’m the kind of person that can easily find comfort in the smallest things, can you tell?!


I don’t think there’s anything better to take your mind off anything than to grab and hold on to a good book. My favorite genre to unwind are thrillers and polar, but old school ones like Agatha Christie for example. I grab a blanket, my cup of warm tea and i’m ready to dive into the story.


If you have an animal in your life, you know what i’m talking about… Whenever i’m feeling particularly down, nothing makes me feel calmer than snuggling with my purring babies. Yoda is the happiest when he’s able to snuggle all day long with me!


I love food and i’m definitely an emotional eater. Whenever i don’t feel great, cooking myself my favorite comfort meal is one of the best way i know to cheer me up. I also find a sort of pride in getting something done and not indulging (at least not always!) in a lazy meal delivery.


Use your hands and you imagination. Whether it’s coloring books, making friendship bracelets, writing, taking photos, sewing, knitting or my current obsession, weaving, i always find that doing something with my hands and getting creative really helps with my mood. Here as well you’ll get the big satisfaction of creating something and i personally find a lot of pride and motivation in that.


I know it’s an obvious one for most people, but until very recently, it was hard for me to go out whenever i wasn’t feeling my best. Now i know that no matter the weather outside, there are a few places that are walking distance in my neighborhood, that i love going to to relax and wander around.


If you have that option where you live, trust me, it’s an essential! Add a bit of essential oils or a few bubbles in the hot water, and just unplug. You can either enjoy the silence and the calm of maybe listen to some music or a podcast, watch videos or even grab a book!


I guess we all know how a little self treat can make us feel whenever we feel a bit down. Personally since i’m trying not to buy anything i don’t need anymore, a little self treat would be to go out for dinner with my man, or have a long pamper evening and a bath with a fine glass of wine.


And a diffuser. One of my favorite daily ritual now is to create my own blends of essential oils and diffuse them at different times during the day. I often use an energy blend in the morning if i’m feeling a bit down, a relaxing blend during the evening and finally a “help me sleep” one before i go to bed!

What about you friends, what are your tips to pick yourself up whenever you’re feeling a bit down? Let me know in the comment as usual!


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