How i plan & organize a busy work day

As someone who has the chance of working from home and alone these days (which i personally love) i have the freedom to organize and do everything the way i want them done. It’s a chance but to me it’s also a big responsibility because if things aren’t done or done wrong, it’s my fault and no one else’s. Here is a little sneak peek at how i plan and organize my work to make each day the most productive it can be! 

Working the hours that work for me

I know a typical working day in most people’s mind, begins early in the morning and ends at around 6 or 7pm but i find it quite silly to compel myself to standard social schedule, when i have the liberty to work at the hours when i’m personally the most productive. And for me it changes a lot from one day to the next so i rarely set an alarm to wake up and i never really plan to work from like 8 to 6, i just go with the flow basically and if i’m feeling particularly inspired, i allow myself to work late in the evening for example. No pressure, just doing what works for me, as long as it works for my productivity.

Divide my work day

Right now i work on three different activities at the same time and since i really prefer working on each of them a little bit every day, the best way i’ve found is to just separate my working day into three. Again, i don’t give myself specific hours i just decide that today i’ll do this first, then that and then this. The next day i might switch the order but i like to work on everything each day, it’s what works best for me and i think it allows me to not loose track of my “progress”. I find that if i’m letting something on the side for a few days it takes me too much time to get back into it.

Write separate to do list

Again with those three big activities, i need a strict organization to avoid doing several things at once and loosing my train of thought in the process. So every morning i write down three separate to do list (plus one for personal things like groceries, laundry…) and when i’m working on one of them, i never look at the other ones. I also do the same with emails now, whenever i’m working on something, i disable the other email notifications and don’t open any other inbox than the one i’m working on.

Plan and take breaks

I’m actually really bad at this honestly but i’m working on allowing myself real moments off because i know how important it is to recharge your batteries and clear your mind before moving on to the next task. To me the ideal pattern i would like to establish is to take 20 minutes off before moving on to another one of my projects (so three 20 minutes break per day) and then 10 minutes every hour. I know many studies recommend to take 15 minutes breaks every hour to be the most productive so i really want to try and see if that works for me.

That’s it! See, it’s actually not hard to find ways to get organized, the only hard part, is to stick to it! Try not to procrastinate too much (like i often do!) and choose what works for you and only you. You’ll be happier and more productive in a heartbeat i promise! 😉

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