My Autumn morning routine for a relaxing start of the day

Unfortunately, i’m the kind of person that often wakes up anxious and for the longest time, i purposely didn’t want to create myself a morning routine. Basically, waking up was a hassle and i wanted to quickly start the day and move on, you know? But back in January when i decided to pursue a happier and healthier lifestyle, i decided to give happy mornings a try!  I experienced several ways to start the day (working out, listening to music, watching cartoons like a kid, going for a walk…) and i think that my current routine is the one that is bringing me the most energy and happiness. I’m feeling generally more relaxed and inspired, even when i have a bad night, so to me it’s definitely a sign. Now i know that routines are very personal and everyone is different, but if you feel like you need help finding your perfect routine, maybe you’ll find inspiration in my experience.

Stretching and cuddling

One of the happiest thing when i wake up is my baby Yoda coming up in bed to snuggle with me. He usually wakes me up when he’s crawling his way under the sheets and trust me friends, it’s the best thing to wake up to! Options available for this part are kids, boyfriend, girlfriend etc.! I also follow my cats example now and never leave bed without stretching my entire body and there again believe me, it makes a huge difference (especially if you have any back problem like me).

Getting warm and cosy

The second i’m out of bed, i put on a cosy robe and slippers, head for the kitchen to feed my two wild animals and start the kettle. I actually alternate between tea and moka depending on my mood but in Autumn i’m usually reaching for a traditional English Breakfast tea with a little bit of almond milk and sugar. I eat only if i’m feeling hungry and that’s usually not right away (i often eat about an hour and a half after waking up).


It’s honestly the most relaxing part of my morning i think. I grab a book, get comfy in my blanket on the couch and sip on my tea for about 15 minutes. This allows me to fully wake up in the most gentle way as my brain is awake and inspired by the words i’m reading, and my body is warmed up by my favorite sweet tea.


Working from our small apartment, i cannot start a productive day if i’m looking at a messy room. It takes no longer than 5 minutes every morning to make the bed, clean the dishes from breakfast and tidy the room a little bit. No pile of paper randomly scattered, no clothes hanging from every chair, that’s the best way for me to make sure i won’t get distracted by anything around (my wild mind is easily distracted enough as it is!).

That’s it! See, nothing revolutionary here, to me the most important thing is simply to take a little bit of time. If you have that option, avoid rushing into your day and try to do something relaxing, even for just 10minutes, it works magic. xo

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  • Reply Girl & Closet

    Such great tips and love having a routine too… it’s such a great way to start the day off right. There was a period of time, where I often woke up with anxiety. I found a morning walk with Scout, yoga or quiet journalling really helped reset my mind in a positive way!! xo

    November 11, 2017 at 18:12
    • Reply Melodie

      Oh walking with the dog is definitely one of the things i know i’m gonna love so so much one day… And i’ve been super inspired to start Yoga again too, once my day will be a bit less full at the end of the month, i’ll definitely make time for that! Thanks for stopping by lovey! :*

      November 11, 2017 at 19:31
  • Reply Flo la vita

    Loved this post! I defiantly love waking up to my cats too! Xx

    November 17, 2017 at 21:46
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