My favorite guilty pleasures

Let’s face it, we are all humans here and we all have moments when we love indulging in some of our favorite guilty pleasures, right? You know, these little things that you might want to keep secret because you’re not 100% confident about or because some even make you feel a little bit, literally, guilty. I actually thought it could be fun to share my personal favorite guilty pleasures with you today and i’m honestly really hoping that you’ll share yours in the comments as well!


But let’s be clear, snacking ALL.DAY.LONG, and on the worst kinda snacks obviously, like the most sugary and greasy ones!

“Watching” movies for the 100th times (at least!)

I just love having my favorite movies as a sort of background during the day and especially on the days when i feel a bit off or down because it really helps lift up my mood. I have a large selection of films that i literally must have seen about a hundred times, and i even have seasonal selections (i never watch Die Hard in Spring and i can’t even imagine watching You Got Mail during Summer!).

Procrastinating while i’m supposed to work

Hum, raise your hand if you’re not guilty of that one yourself?! No one? Good…

Taking a bath with my favorite Lush products

You’re probably wondering why that’s a guilty pleasure for me and not just a pleasure. Well, i’m actually not supposed to use these types of bath products anymore because of my eczema. But every now and then, i simply can’t resist a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar, especially around Christmas! It’s going to be a nightmare again this year but if i don’t want to many/long consequences i’m gonna have to be careful… Anyway, we’ll see how that goes!

Annoying my cat

I have 2 cats but there is only one i enjoy annoying when he sleeps during the day and that’s the little monster Rocket… I love him to death but he has so much energy that he’s been ruining my nights for the past year! So whenever he’s been extra naughty, i wait for him to fall asleep during the day and throw little foamy balls at him. I know it’s not cool but to be honest, it doesn’t seems to bother him one bit because he adores playing and he basically falls back to sleep the second i stop… I wish i could do the same when he wakes me up at 3am!

Now your turn, what are your favorite guilty pleasures?! 😉

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