Thoughts on being a homebody

Now that the cold season is officially here, i know that a lot more people will say that they rather spend more time at home but for me it’s definitely a year round thing… I’m a total homebody and i have been for many many year, and it’s only now that i’m finally fully owning that part of my personally.

For years and years, i felt like people were judging me pretty harshly when they realized that i would much prefer spend my weekends home rather than going out for diner, drinks or a party. I could tell that they thought i was depressed or boring, and it was hard for me to really own that part of who i am.

But the truth is that i was never bored. I spent a huge amount of time reading and learning new things, i cooked a lot, watched many movies and tv shows, i always loved crafting and creating things too, i mean staying home to me was a choice not a necessity or something like that. For a while i thought anxiety was one of the things that were keeping me home because i felt secure there but when i took some time to think about it, the reality was that yes, i do feel secure in my home and it actually makes me happy and reduces my anxiety a lot. Whenever i’m the most anxious i lock myself home for 48 hours straight, clean, decorate, cook etc. and i feel much better afterwards.

The real deal is quite simply that i really love my home (i loved it when i lived alone and i love it even more now with my man and my two cats in it!) and i enjoy spending time in my apartment. It’s my little cocoon and it’s the happiest place in my life so far. I don’t care anymore when people say that i’m not social enough or other stuff like that because once again, the truth is that i am much happier than i was a year ago and the fact that i’m really embracing that part of my personally at last, has to do with it for sure.

My final point is that you should just be who you are and if you’re happy in your home or outside with lots of people around, just embrace it and live your life the way you want! Also i’m turning 31 tomorrow, and i’m not about to waste any more years of my life, caring about other people’s opinion, and neither should you my friends… 🖤

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