4 easy ways to shop consciously

Trying to shop and consume more consciously i our capitalist world, isn't exactly a piece of cake, as you are constantly harassed by advertising everywhere you go. But in this article i wanted to share with you a few easy ways to shop and consume more consciously, by simply following a few guidelines

Trying to shop consciously in our capitalist world, isn’t exactly a piece of cake to be honest. Advertising is basically harassing you everywhere you go. And it’s really hard to resist to the temptation all of the time. Some days when i feel a bit down or sad, i can be easily attracted by a sale or a promotion. So to prevent me from making bad choices and have regrets, i created myself a few rules to follow regarding shopping.¬† Trust me i was a bit sceptical at first but it worked out great for me so far! I left a few stores empty handed after an hour or more of “shopping” and i felt extremely proud!


Keeping a wishlist of the things you need/want to buy helps you have more control over your budget. It also helps avoid impulse purchase (especially for me!). Make sure to update your wishlist if you buy anything that is on it and try to keep it with you at all times (i keep mine on my phone). That way you can always check it out if you happen to stop by a thrift store for example and find something you like.


Whenever you find yourself having a “crush” on something, make it a rule to never buy it on the spot. Give yourself a few days to think about that purchase. Ask yourself if you need it or want it, if it fits your budget and how it’s going to fit into your life,¬†wardrobe or home. If you find yourself not even thinking about that item after two days it’s probably not a good piece for you. But if you easily answer all these questions and you are still thinking about this item, then go for it!


I know it can seem pretty obvious. But then look around and think about how many items you have in your home that basically serve the same purpose. Trust me, you’ll find some that you didn’t even thought of! For me it would be mostly home stuff like blankets, mugs, glasses and teas. Having 2 or 3 blankets in case you have people over is always a good thing, but 6 or 7? There’s a high chance that you’ll never used them all at once anyway!


An important part of trying to shop consciously, is to buy things only if you really have to. In that regard, you should always try to fix it what’s broken before throwing it away and buying something new. Or maybe pay someone if you’re not able to do it yourself. When our washing machine broke last fall, we first tried to fix it ourselves and failed. But then we made the mistake to not call a professional and we bought a new machine. Today i know i would definitely pay someone to come and see if my machine can be fixed, rather than purchasing a brand new one.

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