My Goals for 2018 | A Conscious Year

Happy new year friends! I hope 2018 is starting well for you and that you are making plans for a very happy year! To be honest, i personally never felt so inspired and so motivated to take on a new year. I have so many projects and things i want to learn and get involved in that i already have a feeling that this year is going to be a busy one!  But it’s all for the better and for now, i couldn’t be happier to share my major goals with you all!


One of my biggest goal in the coming years, is to move out of Paris for a house in the countryside. My love and i are slowly starting to make plans for this project and the first thing i need to get done asap, is to pass my driver’s licence. I didn’t need to invest in that while living in Paris but it’s definitely not an option for the country life! I know i’m going to be super nervous at first but i have a feeling that i’m going to love driving actually, i’m so excited just thinking about it!


I sadly feel like i’ve been putting this one in all of my previous goal lists and still haven’t quite checked it out yet… My love and i went to the south in his family for a week last Summer, but we’ve never been away just the two of us as a couple. Last time was 7 years ago for a long weekend in London and we weren’t really a couple at the time anyway. But this year with the money i’m planning to save, it’s happening! The only problem will be to find the right destination to start with because we have so many in our travel wishlist!


I spent most of 2017 decluttering my entire belongings and even though it’s obvious that i will never be a minimalist i feel like i’m at a good place with what i have right now. By that i mean that i don’t think i need anything and i have way enough “unnecessary” things that i love. So my goal for this year is to commit myself to consume and buy the very least possible and the very best possible; meaning no fast fashion/homeware and as much as possible from ethically responsable brands, local if possible. I’m actually going to make a list of all the things i allow myself to buy during the whole year, and i’ll share that with you of course! I’m planning to document my journey here on the blog and share with you all the benefits and potential fails, the lessons i’ll learn along the way etc.


Because i plan to pass my driver’s licence this year, i’m definitely going to need to set money aside for that. But because i’m also going to buy a lot less from now on, i think i’m going to manage to save a bit of money every month to pay for my driving lessons and also for some random things like future vacations, new projects i might have etc. Also having even just a little bit of money set aside in case of emergency is super important for my anxiety. It’s one less reason to stress out on a daily basis!


It’s something i’ve been extremely tempted to do for a very long time actually. Decluttering my closet has been a long process and i took it one season at a time to do things properly. Now after a whole year of mindful and conscious decluttering, i’m finally happy with what i have kept and i’m ready to create a coherent wardrobe for each season. I’m currently planning my first Spring/Summer capsule and i’m absolutely going to share that process with you friends!


Last year i started my pet sitting business AND opened my handmade shop online! These two projects alongside with this blog, are the main focus i’m going to have this year so my ultimate goal is the grow them and hopefully be able to make a living out of them… by July. I know i might be a bit too optimistic here but i’m working really really hard and i figure that with 3 very different activities, i may have more chance to see at least one really take off in a few month. I’m not afraid to work a lot and so we’ll see how that goes!


Now last but definitely not least, my big regret of 2017 is that i haven’t been able to be 100% vegan. I am most of the time but i still struggle with one major thing: milk. I’ll get more into that in an dedicated post but this is a big struggle for me and it mostly comes from a lack of willpower on my part which is extremely frustrating… But this year i’m committed to stop being such a baby (hum, literally!) and figure out a way to stop drinking milk because i’m 1000% aware of all that is wrong with it and i can’t stand being a hypocrite on a subject that is so important. Don’t get me wrong though, this is a very personal thing and i really don’t judge anyone for not being 100% vegan, i only judge myself here because i know me very well and i know where my weakness come from and it’s something i want to work on.

So what about you, what are your main goals for this new year? Anything major on top of your list?

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