Things I regret buying

When becoming more aware of how the world works and how most companies operate, you often find yourself regretting things and feeling quite guilty. Guilty to have turned a blind eye when you already knew something was really wrong (like after the Rana Plaza collapse, most people just “forgot” myself included) and regrets to have spend your hard earn money on products made by people who could potentially die making that product for you (and enriching very bad people in the process).  I personally felt overwhelmed at first but then it really motivated me to make the changes i wanted/needed to make. So today i just wanted to share with you a few example of purchases i regret knowing what i know now, and also the things i bought without enough thinking first and that i don’t really enjoy or need in the end…

iPhones (or anything from Apple actually) | All of my computers have been from Apple since i was 18, and i bought my first iPhone 7 years ago and never went for another brand so far. And i feel really bad about it now, knowing how this company works, how the treats their workers and how they destroy the environment. I’ve seen a few documentaries on the subject and they were really eye opening and i know that almost all tech brands work the same way but Apple have truly made it their mission to transform our way to use a cellphone and basically made us all believe that it was okay to spend a month’s salary on a phone. By the way, it’s not. Like the fast fashion brands, they are responsible for a whole new way of doing business and we know now that there is nothing good for us there, except impoverishment. I will of course keep my iPhone etc. now that i have them, i’ll get them fixed if there’s ever anything wrong and i’m gonna make it my mission to keep them for as long as i can and never ever buy new ones again from that brand!

A Massage Pillow | I bought an electric massage pillow a few months ago because i wanted to take better care of my back pains. Now even though i still think it can be a super useful tool, i really don’t use it as much i thought i would. Maybe it’s because my pains are mainly in an area that this particular pillow doesn’t reach but now that i have it i’m going to try and find a way to use it more or else i’ll sell it or donate it later during the year i think.

Too many beauty products | Last year, i started following a few beauty bloggers and Youtubers and i actually started buying lots of beauty products and makeup because of that. I even blogged about beauty products, made reviews etc. Truth is, i have a super sensitive skin that hardly tolerates anything on it and i barely wear makeup. But i fell for it. I fell for the pure consumerism and seeing how much money i spent on things i didn’t need and didn’t really appreciate, i feel super bad. Some products even ended up being super bad for my skin, some i didn’t like and only used once and i gave away most because i knew i wouldn’t use it at all. Total waste of my money (by the way to save a bit of my honor, at least i only purchased cruelty free products!).

Books i never read | I actually should specify “new” books. For a long time, every time i found a book that i thought i might like, i bought it. Simple and easy. Problem is, when you do that too often you end up with way too many books to read and constantly new ones to add to the pile. So when i did my bookshelf declutter a few months ago, i donated of a lot of books that i wasn’t particularly into anymore and i must say, there were a lot. I’m never going to stop buying books because it’s one of the few material things that still brings me a lot of joy, but i’m committed to buy mostly second hand book or to borrow them at the library whenever possible.

I really hope that these few example will help you maybe avoid the same mistakes i’ve made, which was to not think enough before spending my money on something. Now i consider every purchase long enough to realize 98% of the time, that i don’t really need it or want it that much! I think my bank account is going to look much better this year than it ever did! Haha!

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  • Reply Chamoise

    Bonjour Mélodie,
    Encore un article qui résonne en moi car je suis dans ce même état d’esprit quand je vois comment et par qui sont fabriqués nos tél portables,comment des gens ,des enfants souffrent..Alors oui la technologie mais quand on est sensible ça fait mal…et on se pose des questions sur nos choix et on ne peut pas ignorer la souffrance de l’autre à l’autre bout du monde car il est un être vivant…

    Pour l’oreiller électrique moi je n’aurais pas été tentée car électrique..par contre,mais peut être déjà tu as,moi j’en avais un que je n’ai plus cause chat!,en balle de sarrasin et lavande,il est aussi balle d’épeautre et c’est vmt très apaisant et cela prend la forme de tes cervicales..Les ostéos disent que c’est très bien.

    Pour les cosmétiques,soins etc je suis comme toi,tjs on voit des nouveautés apparaître,bien que moi je ne peux pas financièrement acheter,qui sont tjs censés être +++ que celui ci ou celui là pour te faire acheter…Et au final cela te perd et tu perds de l’argent quand très peu suffit pour son vidage,son cors et ses cheveux.

    Et pour les livres et bien moi tous ceux que j’avais,par nécessité,sauf bien sûr quelques précieux qui sont mes livres amour que j’aime,je les ai vendus…On dit tjs un jour on relira mais c’est rarement vrai…Alors pour moi c’est la bibliothèque..Mais là tu vois je n’ai mm plus le temps de lire alors que j’en ai tant besoin de repos…

    Merci d’écrire pour nous.
    Je t’embrasse.
    Prends soin de tes cervicales,de ton dos.

    January 12, 2018 at 14:32
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