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Today i felt like sharing with you a few things i discovered and enjoyed recently, that i hope will interest and inspire you as well. I’m currently binge watching a lot of things on Netflix because i want to suspend my subscription for a few months to save up for my driving lessons. Also since decided to talk about ethical and conscious life/shopping etc. here on my blog, i’ve been on a mission to read and learn everything i can find on the subject and i actually ended up having major crushes on blogs and podcasts… i was already super inspired but now i’m even more! 

  • I recently read this amazing piece by Mel Wiggins on why fashion is a feminist issue, and just loved every word of it.
  • This week i was doing a bit research on how to take better care of some of my clothes and i really learned a lot from Erin’s videos about the pros and cons of fibres and fabrics.
  • For Christmas i received the graphic novel of Anne Frank’s diary and i finished it this week. I already loved and cherished the actual diary that i read many years ago but i was truly delighted by this edition. The drawings are gorgeous and the essence of the journal is definitely respected so if you like graphic novels and want to discover Anne Frank’s story in a new way, this book is for you (FR / EN)
  • I binged watched the two seasons of The Bletchley Circle on Netflix and totally fell in love. I thought the actresses were very talented and charismatic and i loved the plots of both seasons. It’s definitely my favorite kind of story: a crime, a secret investigation, in a World War II background and with strong female characters… everything i love! I’m currently watching Rebellion, about the Irish Easter Rising from 1916 and again, the three leading characters are strong women, i’m loving it!
  • In my constant search for new podcasts i discovered the super interesting Ethical Hour Podcast, by Sian Conway. If you’re interested in living more ethically and especially if you have or want to start a small ethical business (which i’m all about supporting by the way so if you do, let me know!) give it a go, you won’t be sorry.
  • Back in December i purchased a few candles from a small Etsy shop called Madame Fiction and this week i’ve been particularly into the one called Reading at the Café. I light it up every time i take a reading break during the day and it fills the room with that delicious coffee and vanilla smell, it’s just a delight. The only problem is that it’s making me crave some cookies…!
  • I’ve being eyeing these gorgeous handmade vegan shoes from Golden Ponies for a long time and i just added them on my wishlist for later this year (maybe for my Autumn capsule)
  • I received my first order of period panties from Thinx and i honestly never thought i’d ever be so excited by something that has to do with my period! I can’t wait to try them, see how it goes and i’ll let you know of course!
  • I tried the chamomile, vanilla and Manuka honey infusion from Pukka at the beginning of December and i can already easily say that it’s my favorite beverage of all time! It’s delicious and a think that with my level of excitement these days, a little chamomile is just a necessity to help me rest a little at night!
  • I was indeed very surprised when i read this post from Wendy’s blog Moral Fibres and find out that some items (like chewing gums!) contained plastic and i never would have thought! It’s one of those interesting eye opening discovery and that’s the kind of thing i love learning these days… no more chewing gum for me though! Haha!

I hope you enjoyed this post and do let me know what interesting things you discovered, learn or loved recently, i’d love to be inspired by you!

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  • Reply Chamoise

    Me voilà avec un peu de retard à relire tes deux derniers billets partage..
    Quand on voit tes photos sur chaque billet on imagine un intérieur vraiment douceur tendresse,douillet,chaleureux,accueillant..J’aime beaucoup les housses de coussins et cette bougie comme tu le dis semble être un vrai bonheur..Que c’est bon les bougies en cette saison,c’est un essentiel bien plus que tout autre objet high tech…
    Je ne connais pas la “chaîne” dont tu pares et donc cette série,de même je n’ai lu le journal d’Anne Franck avec les illustrations dont tu sembles avoir été conquise…
    Pour les culottes pendant les menstruations je suis allée voir le site mais comme je n’arrive pas à traduire la page je n’ai pas bien compris si cela permettait de se passer de serviettes hygiéniques,quand on ne peut comme moi porter de tampons,ou autre pour être plus sécure lors des mouvements…
    Ton infusion semble délicieuse!Cela aussi fait partie des rituels indispensables comme les bougies…C’est comme si le monde s’arrêtait dans sa course folle quand on peut être en sécurité avec un livre,une bougie et une tisane enveloppée dans un plaid ,un châle…
    Merci de partager tout cela avec nous..
    Tu nous donnes comme une espérance de bonheur simple à venir peut être à notrevrencontre..

    January 23, 2018 at 11:04
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