Why i’m only buying secondhand this year

One of my goals for this year is to consume way less and much more consciously. At first i was going to challenge myself to a full no-spend year but then i started analyzing what i had and realized that i was going to need to buy a few things this year. After my closet declutter i was missing a few key items like a good pair of jeans that actually fit me, a pair of open sandals for the warmer seasons and a whole new underwear set because mine were just too old and damaged. But because i want to keep a very low budget on these types of purchases, i decided that the best option (except for the underwear obviously) would be to buy everything i needed secondhand. And not just the things i need actually but also the things i want, like books and vinyl records (my love received a vinyl turntable for Christmas and we already found some amazing secondhand records).

For years i was truly repulsed by secondhand shopping because i thought it was gross and unhygienic, and i couldn’t stand the smell of thrift stores! I recently realized how stupid it was because whatever you buy you can clean, especially clothes! And even though i still don’t enjoy thrift store (at least for clothes), i realized that i could super easily buy thrifted goods online! So after giving it much thoughts, here’s why i think that buying secondhand is really the best way to consume ethically:

A. When you purchase something secondhand you prevent that item from being thrown away in a landfill somewhere. That’s one good deed against pollution.

B. Buying secondhand means that if you can’t afford any sustainable or ethical brands, you can still buy affordable pieces even from brands you don’t want to support anymore. Your money then goes to the secondhand shop or charity and not to the companies that produces the item, therefor you’re not supporting a brand and you are not creating demand on this product.

C. Finally it seems needless to say that buying secondhand is absolutely awesome for your budget! The amount of things people sell/donate that are basically new and unused/unworn is astonishing, so you can make amazing bargains and have literally brand new items for a fraction of their retail price.

I really hope this will inspire you to try and buy secondhand products from now on, whether it’s clothes, furnitures or books, because if you’re at all interested in reducing your consumption and fighting against waste and pollution, this is 100% the way to go!

Now i’ve made it my mission to buy only secondhand this year and so far i’ve been able to find all of the clothing pieces that were on my wishlist, some super cheap books and records good as new and managed to set money aside for my futur driving lessons, isn’t that great?! So tell me, do you already by secondhand or are you ready to do it now?!

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