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February 2018


    Recipe | My favorite warm porridge

    I’ve never been much of a breakfast eater. I eat only when i’m hungry and i rarely am before 10 o’clock so i almost never eat when i wake up before that. But recently i found myself craving my favorite warm porridge almost every single day. I’m actually pretty sure it’s because of the cold weather. I feel like eating something warm right when i get out of bed (and therefor away from my cosy comforter) is helping me start my day more energized! Now today recipe is probably the easiest i’ll ever share but i really felt like encouraging you to try my favorite porridge “recipe”…   Continue reading


    Revue Livresque | BD La rue des autres, de Violaine Leroy

    Me revoilà avec une revue livresque bande dessinée pour vous présenter ce joli petit coup de coeur qu’à été la BD La rue des autres de Violaine Leroy. J’aime énormément ce genre de récit, ces petits morceaux de la vie quotidienne et ces gens que l’on rencontrent au détour d’une rue. En bande dessinée c’est mon genre “bien-être” favori. Après une journée difficile, un trajet en métro plein de gens désagréables voir agressifs, je lis ce genre d’histoire en à peine 30 minutes je me sens mieux et prête à aimer de nouveau le monde et les gens! Continue reading


    Why it’s okay to not have (or want) a perfect Instagram feed

    Let’s start today’s topic with a little survey: How many times have you stumble upon a “How to create the most perfect Instagram feed” type of posts in the last 2-3 months? 10, 15, 30? How many times have you been told that your Instagram feed had to look perfect to attract followers? Now here is my last question: who says anything has to look perfect?   Continue reading


    Capsule Wardrobe | My secondhand haul for 2018

    Capsule Wardrobe | My secondhand haul for 2018 | Happy Melodie Ethical & Conscious Blog

    This year will be my first “official” capsule wardrobe year and also my first secondhand shopper year! After my big declutter from last year i realised that i was missing a few staple items to make my coming capsules work. Even though i planned to buy only secondhand items, the point was to buy as little as possible anyway. So i had to think long and hard about some key pieces that i could easily wear with almost everything else in my closet and from one season to the next.  Continue reading


    Capsule Wardrobe | Guidelines & Rules

    Capsule Wardrobe | Guidelines & Rules | Happy Melodie Ethical & Conscious BlogWhen it comes to capsule wardrobe, you can easily find many guidelines and rules online to help you get started. The most popular one people follow is the Project 333 created by Courtney Carver. The “rules” here are to create a capsule wardrobe with only 33 items and wear them for 3 months. It sounds pretty challenging because the 33 items include clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry. But i honestly think it can be super fun to join in on such a challenge especially if you need rules to make it work for you…   Continue reading