My Goals this Summer

    I know it’s not officially Summer yet but since the weather is pretty much there already, it’s okay right? It’s definitely my favorite season so i want to make sure i enjoy it as much as possible and starting a bit sooner is a good way to do that! So here is the list of all the things that i would like to do this season and the goals i want to achieve by the end of it…   Continue reading


    Nude & Denim

    For many years, i felt like because of my very fair skin i couldn’t wear nude or white clothes. I thought it would make me look transparent or sick (i’ve heard that a lot actually!) so i just stayed away. This is over! As you can see my legs match my bag, and i don’t give a damn!   Continue reading


    My picks for pretty pink lips this Summer

    Even though i tend to go for a red lip most days all year round, when Summer comes i get really attracted by lighter and “softer” shades like pink. And if with red lips i prefer to have a matte finish, with pink i can easily switch from glosses, to matte, sheer or creamy, no preference really.   Continue reading


    Little Black Dress

    Whenever in doubt grab a little black dress. Isn’t that so true?! I wear a lot of black clothes but i really tend to look for any type of black dresses to add to my staples because that’s the kind of piece that you never seem to have enough of right?! Pleated, smart, sexy, short, long, midi, with ruffles, with a bow, vintage… I have all the styles and wear them all and love them all!   Continue reading


    6 bonnes raisons d’adopter un animal (plutôt que de l’acheter)

    Quand pour certains les raisons sont plutôt évidentes, je peux aussi parfaitement comprendre que, sans être correctement informé, on ne voit pas nécessairement de mal à acheter un animal. C’est pour cela que j’ai jugé important d’aborder ce sujet primordial avec vous aujourd’hui, en vous donnant simplement 6 bonnes raisons pour lesquelles (lorsqu’on a décidé de se lancer et pris la mesure d’un tel engagement) il est préférable d’adopter un animal plutôt que de l’acheter…   Continue reading


    My morning skincare routine | Spring 2017

    Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, i’m really glad to see you here to start a new week together! Today i wanted to share with you my current morning skin and bodycare and routine. I’ve been using all of these products together for at least 3-4 weeks now and my skin feels quite nice and fresh these days so i thought it was time that we talked about them…   Continue reading


    Pink Babydoll

    Here it is finally! Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite jacket, isn’t it so cute? I was looking for this exact shade of pink for the past two months because i have a faux leather black biker jacket that i really love (you can see it here) but since i wear a lot of black clothes even in summer, i wanted to find something that would make my outfits a bit more seasonal.   Continue reading