My Autumn morning routine for a relaxing start of the day

    Unfortunately, i’m the kind of person that often wakes up anxious and for the longest time, i purposely didn’t want to create myself a morning routine. Basically, waking up was a hassle and i wanted to quickly start the day and move on, you know? But back in January when i decided to pursue a happier and healthier lifestyle, i decided to give happy mornings a try!  Continue reading


    Hello Weaving!

    I discovered weaving about a month ago now and since then i simply keep asking myself: Why have i not tried it sooner?! I’ve became quite obsessed to be honest and at the end of my first month, i already made 10 wall hangings and have another one on the loom right now!  Continue reading


    The little things i like to do on a bad day

    Let’s just admit it we all have bad days every now and then. For some it’s more often than others but we all have them. I personally have been through enough of those over the years, to know by now that there are a few things to do to kinda turn them around and make them into a more cheerful/productive/relaxing day…  Continue reading


    My Goals this Autumn

    It’s finally here, my favorite season of the year!! For a long time i thought Summer was my fave but i recently realized that Autumn was the only season i was actually craving at some point like around mid Summer, i was already looking forward Autumn and to me it’s a sign! Also i was born in Autumn, i can’t live without a blanket on my lap and i love lighting candles and drinking hot tea when the clock hit 5pm so, i’m living the best life this time of year!   Continue reading


    Life Update | New goals & hopes

    Oh hi friends, long time no see right?! I hope you all had a wonderful Summer and that you enjoyed every bit of what you’ve been up to whatever that was! I personally had a super productive Summer, i took a little bit of time off but it was mostly work that kept me away from the blog for so long!   Continue reading


    Meal ideas & recipes for a full Vegan week | Easy, healthy, cheap and delicious!

    I know becoming vegan can seem a bit scary to people especially if they don’t cook, either because they don’t have the time or because they don’t like to! The truth is it is super easy to eat vegan even with limited time, tight budget or no special skills in a kitchen. Today i just wanted to give you an example of a typical weekly menu for me, very healthy, cheap, easy and absolutely delicious! Continue reading


    What’s in my travel bag | Skin, body & haircare

    Today i’m sharing with you the selection of beauty products that i’m taking on holidays with me this week! They’re all adorable travel size and 100% cruelty free! Some of these products i’ve never used before and some i already know, love and reviewed on the blog so i’ll link the corresponding posts if you want to read a full review on something.   Continue reading