J’ai testé la livraison de petits plats par Frichti

    Frichti j’en entends parler depuis un bon moment maintenant, mais je n’avais encore jamais eu l’occasion de tester. Mais comme je vous en parlais dans mon billet de mardi, j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir goûter quelques uns de leurs produits grâce à la collaboration avec Bergamotte et ai du coup décidé de leur commander un diner dans la foulée, histoire de tester un peu plus l’offre qu’ils proposent…   Continue reading


    Makeup products that disappointed me

    So sometimes when trying out new products, you end up being disappointed by a few of them. And even though it’s super annoying to spend money on something you don’t end up loving and/or using, it kinda helps you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t…   Continue reading


    Kimono Days

    So yeah it’s official, summer is here!! I basically couldn’t be happier right now, that kind of weather really has a fabulous effect on my mood and my energy, it makes me want to go outside more and it also inspires me a lot!   Continue reading


    Life Lately | Things that made me happy

    Aujourd’hui j’ai eu envie de vous parler de quelques petites choses que j’ai aimées récemment et qui m’ont procurées de la joie et parfois même rendue tout simplement heureuse… 🙂 J’espère que ce format de billet vous plaira, surtout n’hésitez pas à me le dire dans les commentaires!   Continue reading


    Parisian Wander

    Before you say anything, yes, again… I told you wednesday these are my new favorite jeans! 😉 I have a lot of fun styling them with so many different pieces that i’m sorry -not sorry- to say that you are going to see them a few more times in the coming weeks! Unless of course summer decides to show up early then i’ll be all over my pretty dresses and pleated skirt! But let’s not get too carried away because we all know how it usually goes in Paris no matter what Mrs Weather says… Continue reading


    The Twilight Hour

    So basically i’m wearing all of my current favorite in these photos! There, you have it have a great day, see you later! Haha, JK of course, i won’t let you go so fast because we need to talk about these jeans friends…   Continue reading


    My Daily Spring Makeup

    So you may have noticed that i totally failed to show you the content of my makeup bag last month and that’s really because i barely wore any makeup at all during April. I worked mainly from my couch, didn’t go out much and when i did, i just put on a red lip and called it enough!   Continue reading


    Mes dernières lectures | #1

    Voilà un bon moment que je voulais partager avec vous mes dernières lectures coup de coeur et je me suis dit cette semaine qu’il fallait vraiment que je m’y attèle avant d’oublier les émotions et réflexions que j’ai eu lors de ces lectures!   Continue reading