The Twilight Hour

    So basically i’m wearing all of my current favorite in these photos! There, you have it have a great day, see you later! Haha, JK of course, i won’t let you go so fast because we need to talk about these jeans friends…   Continue reading


    My Daily Spring Makeup

    So you may have noticed that i totally failed to show you the content of my makeup bag last month and that’s really because i barely wore any makeup at all during April. I worked mainly from my couch, didn’t go out much and when i did, i just put on a red lip and called it enough!   Continue reading


    Mes dernières lectures | #1

    Voilà un bon moment que je voulais partager avec vous mes dernières lectures coup de coeur et je me suis dit cette semaine qu’il fallait vraiment que je m’y attèle avant d’oublier les émotions et réflexions que j’ai eu lors de ces lectures!   Continue reading


    Hair in the Wind

    Oh boy, trust me when i say that i’m putting a whole lotta effort in taking outfit photos these days because it can be pouring rain one minute, then bright and sunny the next and then the wind can start blowing and it’ll get so freaking chilly all of a sudden… nightmare i tell ya!   Continue reading


    My favorite red lipsticks this Spring

    In the beauty/makeup department, do you guys think there’s anything quite as classic and easy to wear than a beautiful red lip? To me a red lip as such a vintage/classic/retro vibe that i can’t help be feel super feminine when wearing one, even thought most days i’m wearing it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.   Continue reading


    Day Off

    I feel like i say that very often and i guess it makes me a passionate person maybe but i’m not even joking when i’m telling you i’ve been living in that sweater since i bought it (even though i’m not taking many days off these days!) mostly because i’m in love with it, but also because the color is so joyful and sunny and i need it to balance the stupid weather we’re having these day… (yes i know, more weather complain… sorry!) Continue reading


    J’ai testé la livraison de fleurs avec Bergamotte Paris

    J’ai découvert il y a déjà quelques mois la boutique en ligne Bergamotte (via leur compte Instagram qui me fais juste baver d’envie), qui propose un service de livraison de fleurs fraîches, sur Paris en 2h et le lendemain partout en France. Après une longue attente je me suis finalement décidée à commander mon premier bouquet hier et comme j’ai été tout à fait enchantée par cette expérience, j’ai eu très envie de vous en parler dès aujourd’hui!  Continue reading


    Pink & Purple for Spring

    I realized recently that this year, i’ve been mostly attracted to pink, especially since the beginning of this Spring. This top that i purchased last year on Asos is probably my most worn item ever in such a sort period of time!   Continue reading