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    Happy Holidays!

    Okay first things first, i want to apologize for not keeping my word on being more constant with the blog, especially for the festive season and all the related content i was hoping to create… Truth be told, i have been extremely inspired to work on my handmade shop these days, and i don’t seem to have much left inspiration for the writing part of the blog. I have the ideas but the words aren’t coming easily to me right now and it’s kinda frustrating every time i try… I also have lots of new clients for my pet sitting business and therefor not a lot of time to properly sit in front of my computer these day. But let’s be honest here, it’s financially worth it!  Continue reading


    My Ethical Christmas Wishlist

    Hi everyone! Some of you know that because i’ve been on a mission to consume better (and less) for a few months now, i really wondered whether or not i should share with you some Christmas wishlists or gift guides. The dilemma for me was that i really don’t want to encourage you to consume in a bad way or from bad brands (fast fashion and such). So i thought about it and i actually figured that it was a good idea for me to share with you the things i feel confortable spending my money on this season. In my wishlists and gift guides this year, i’ll be sharing and recommending products that are made ethically, vegan, cruelty free, from ecologically responsable brands and/or from small shops and creators, that are available on Etsy.  Continue reading