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    Capsule Wardrobe | My secondhand haul for 2018

    Capsule Wardrobe | My secondhand haul for 2018 | Happy Melodie Ethical & Conscious Blog

    This year will be my first “official” capsule wardrobe year and also my first secondhand shopper year! After my big declutter from last year i realised that i was missing a few staple items to make my coming capsules work. Even though i planned to buy only secondhand items, the point was to buy as little as possible anyway. So i had to think long and hard about some key pieces that i could easily wear with almost everything else in my closet and from one season to the next.  Continue reading


    Capsule Wardrobe | Guidelines & Rules

    Capsule Wardrobe | Guidelines & Rules | Happy Melodie Ethical & Conscious BlogWhen it comes to capsule wardrobe, you can easily find many guidelines and rules online to help you get started. The most popular one people follow is the Project 333 created by Courtney Carver. The “rules” here are to create a capsule wardrobe with only 33 items and wear them for 3 months. It sounds pretty challenging because the 33 items include clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry. But i honestly think it can be super fun to join in on such a challenge especially if you need rules to make it work for you…   Continue reading


    Why i’m only buying secondhand this year

    One of my goals for this year is to consume way less and much more consciously. At first i was going to challenge myself to a full no-spend year but then i started analyzing what i had and realized that i was going to need to buy a few things this year. After my closet declutter i was missing a few key items like a good pair of jeans that actually fit me, a pair of open sandals for the warmer seasons and a whole new underwear set because mine were just too old and damaged.  Continue reading


    How to create your perfect capsule wardrobe

    I’ve been tempted to create a capsule wardrobe for a long time actually but i wasn’t sure if it was the right thing for me, my style and my daily life. Also i had a major declutter to do before considering a challenge like that and it took me quite a long time to evaluate what i had, used and loved and what needed to go. Now that this process if finally over, it’s high time to create a proper capsule!  Continue reading