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    Why it’s okay to not have (or want) a perfect Instagram feed

    Let’s start today’s topic with a little survey: How many times have you stumble upon a “How to create the most perfect Instagram feed” type of posts in the last 2-3 months? 10, 15, 30? How many times have you been told that your Instagram feed had to look perfect to attract followers? Now here is my last question: who says anything has to look perfect?   Continue reading


    My Autumn morning routine for a relaxing start of the day

    Unfortunately, i’m the kind of person that often wakes up anxious and for the longest time, i purposely didn’t want to create myself a morning routine. Basically, waking up was a hassle and i wanted to quickly start the day and move on, you know? But back in January when i decided to pursue a happier and healthier lifestyle, i decided to give happy mornings a try!  Continue reading


    Vegan meals ideas & recipes | Easy, healthy, cheap and delicious!

    I know becoming vegan can seem a bit scary to people especially if they don’t cook, either because they don’t have the time or because they don’t like to! The truth is it is super easy to eat vegan even with limited time, tight budget or no special skills in a kitchen. Today i just wanted to give you an example of a typical weekly menu for me, very healthy, cheap, easy and absolutely delicious! Continue reading

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    Why Summer is the best time to start eating more healthily

    Summer has always inspired me in many many ways and this year, it actually inspires me to make serious and long term changes regarding my way of eating. Like i talked about in this post earlier this week, the documentary Food Choices has been a revelation for me and even though i already knew a lot of what’s explained in that movie, i felt like something changed in me while watching it over and over again.   Continue reading


    Must see documentary: Food Choices on Netflix

    When looking to create a healthier and happier life, one of the first thing you have to take an interest in, is the way you eat. I know many people won’t admit it but it’s just logic that since what you eat and drink keeps you alive, it has to be an extremely important part of your life. Doesn’t that just makes sense?   Continue reading