How to create your perfect capsule wardrobe

    I’ve been tempted to create a capsule wardrobe for a long time actually but i wasn’t sure if it was the right thing for me, my style and my daily life. Also i had a major declutter to do before considering a challenge like that and it took me quite a long time to evaluate what i had, used and loved and what needed to go. Now that this process if finally over, it’s high time to create a proper capsule!  Continue reading


    Things I regret buying

    When becoming more aware of how the world works and how most companies operate, you often find yourself regretting things and feeling quite guilty. Guilty to have turned a blind eye when you already knew something was really wrong (like after the Rana Plaza collapse, most people just “forgot” myself included) and regrets to have spend your hard earn money on products made by people who could potentially die making that product for you (and enriching very bad people in the process).  Continue reading


    How to declutter your closet (and have zero regrets!)

    Today it’s time to talk about the base, decluttering. Now first of all you should know that it took me about a year to completely declutter my entire home, and especially my closet. I wanted to do this right and really have no regrets about anything so i really took my time. Some areas were a lot faster and easier than others (books for example, i shared my decluttering process in this previous post) but my closet was definitely the most challenging one.  Continue reading


    Ethical & Conscious Living | Where to start ?

    When deciding to live a more ethical and conscious lifestyle, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to change in your daily life and habits. The truth is that in our modern world, it is impossible to live an ethical life 100% of the time. So i think that when you truly decide to make changes in your life and live more accordingly to your values, it’s very important to ask yourself what’s really important to you and what compromises you are willing to make.  Continue reading


    My Goals for 2018 | A Conscious Year

    Happy new year friends! I hope 2018 is starting well for you and that you are making plans for a very happy year! To be honest, i personally never felt so inspired and so motivated to take on a new year. I have so many projects and things i want to learn and get involved in that i already have a feeling that this year is going to be a busy one!  Continue reading


    Happy Holidays!

    Okay first things first, i want to apologize for not keeping my word on being more constant with the blog, especially for the festive season and all the related content i was hoping to create… Truth be told, i have been extremely inspired to work on my handmade shop these days, and i don’t seem to have much left inspiration for the writing part of the blog. I have the ideas but the words aren’t coming easily to me right now and it’s kinda frustrating every time i try… I also have lots of new clients for my pet sitting business and therefor not a lot of time to properly sit in front of my computer these day. But let’s be honest here, it’s financially worth it!  Continue reading


    Passion Podcast | La Poudre, a écouter d’urgence et sans modération

    Voilà bien longtemps que je n’avais pas écrit ici en français et le sujet dont je veux vous parler aujourd’hui était l’occasion parfaite pour m’y remettre. Cette année je me suis prise de passion pour les podcasts et c’est assez récemment que j’ai découvert tout un panel d’émissions ultra intéressantes et dont beaucoup tournent autour du féminisme et donnent librement la parole aux femmes. Mon plus gros coup de coeur à été la découverte de La Poudre, podcast créé et animé par la merveilleuse Lauren Bastide.  Continue reading


    My Ethical Christmas Wishlist

    Hi everyone! Some of you know that because i’ve been on a mission to consume better (and less) for a few months now, i really wondered whether or not i should share with you some Christmas wishlists or gift guides. The dilemma for me was that i really don’t want to encourage you to consume in a bad way or from bad brands (fast fashion and such). So i thought about it and i actually figured that it was a good idea for me to share with you the things i feel confortable spending my money on this season. In my wishlists and gift guides this year, i’ll be sharing and recommending products that are made ethically, vegan, cruelty free, from ecologically responsable brands and/or from small shops and creators, that are available on Etsy.  Continue reading


    My cozy night in essentials

    So i guess it’s “home stuff” week on the blog because today (as kind of a follow up on my latest post on being a homebody), i thought i’d share with you my cozy night in essentials aka all the things i enjoy when i’m having a cozy night in, at home.  Continue reading


    Thoughts on being a homebody

    Now that the cold season is officially here, i know that a lot more people will say that they rather spend more time at home but for me it’s definitely a year round thing… I’m a total homebody and i have been for many many year, and it’s only now that i’m finally fully owning that part of my personally. Continue reading