My cozy night in essentials

    So i guess it’s “home stuff” week on the blog because today (as kind of a follow up on my latest post on being a homebody), i thought i’d share with you my cozy night in essentials aka all the things i enjoy when i’m having a cozy night in, at home.  Continue reading


    Thoughts on being a homebody

    Now that the cold season is officially here, i know that a lot more people will say that they rather spend more time at home but for me it’s definitely a year round thing… I’m a total homebody and i have been for many many year, and it’s only now that i’m finally fully owning that part of my personally. Continue reading


    Happy Melodie Handmade Shop is open! (just in time for Christmas!)

    Hey friends! Today i’m finally sitting down to tell you a bit about my brand new adventure:

     Happy Melodie Handmade Shop!

    That’s right, i opened my new online shop, where i’m selling my creations such as wall hanging weaving and macrame, pompoms garlands, jewelry, natural & organic scented candles (coming soon) and basically everything my little hands will decide to make in the future! Continue reading


    It’s time to start planning Christmas!

    Okay so let me start by telling you two very important thing: NO it’s not too early to start planning for Christmas (is it ever too early?!), and YES, this time i’m planning to go totally overboard with the entire Holidays! There, i said it, you’ve been warned!  Continue reading


    How i plan & organize a busy work day

    As someone who has the chance of working from home and alone these days (which i personally love) i have the freedom to organize and do everything the way i want them done. It’s a chance but to me it’s also a big responsibility because if things aren’t done or done wrong, it’s my fault and no one else’s. Here is a little sneak peek at how i plan and organize my work to make each day the most productive it can be!  Continue reading


    My favorite guilty pleasures

    Let’s face it, we are all humans here and we all have moments when we love indulging in some of our favorite guilty pleasures, right? You know, these little things that you might want to keep secret because you’re not 100% confident about or because some even make you feel a little bit, literally, guilty. I actually thought it could be fun to share my personal favorite guilty pleasures with you today and i’m honestly really hoping that you’ll share yours in the comments as well! Continue reading


    Hello Macramé!

    So i know i very recently talked about my brand new addiction for modern weaving and i bet you didn’t expect for me to share another one so soon right?! But i guess i felt really inspired after starting weaving intensely and i just wanted to try something a bit similar and macrame totally felt right. And again, it seems like i can’t do something creative and not become obsessed with it!   Continue reading